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Each electricity user is free to choose his/her electricity supplier. Irrespective of the amount of energy used, enterprises, institutions as well as natural persons have the right to change their supplier of energy.

Change of electricity supplier is an effective way to save up and balance your budget.

The process of changing the supplier consists of the following simple steps:

  1. Terminate the present agreement.
  2. Report change of the supplier to the Distribution System Operator. This will be done for you by IRL Polska.
  3. Adapt metering and billing system. This stage is dependent on the level of energy usage. Should such an adjustment be needed in your case, IRL Polska will help you find somebody to fix it.
  4. Settling the bills with the previous service provider. The amount due is calculated based on electricity meter reading on the day of a new agreement coming into effect. Distribution System Operator is responsible for the reading of the meter.